Maple Bowl

I live and create my art work in Gainford, Alberta, where I live with my husband (Bill Patterson) and 5 year old Golden Retriever (Charlie). My Mom has always been a huge inspiration for me. She is an artistic spirit who started passing on her many gifts and skills to me when I was just a wee person. She could do anything it seemed. What she didn’t know, she researched until she learned. One nugget of wisdom she taught me was that we don’t always have to conform; it’s ok to think outside the box. Perhaps this is why I’ve been a bit of a renegade! I have applied this theory to many facets of my life and certainly to my woodturnings. DCP_5928_0116_edited-1 When my world gets chaotic I have always turned to nature to center myself and restore the balance. I find woodturning and carving has become an extension of this. There is nothing more soothing than the energy given off from wood as I’m turning a new piece and the discovery of what lies behind the shavings. I often start out with a piece in mind only to have the wood dictate what it is meant to be. I love the feel of the shavings on my arms and the smell; it’s so therapeutic! It has become my passion and I am so excited to see where this journey leads me. I have enjoyed teaching and sharing this knowledge with others so they too can experience finding the treasures hidden in the wood.

- Joanne Sauvageau

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